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Why would anybody start a blog called Toilet Talk?! Crazy idea, isn’t it? But why, I ask you?

Well, my initial thought behind this blog was to share my thoughts while using the restroom, or my ‘down time’ as I so affectionately refer to it.  The problem with this idea is simple – I am just not interesting enough to do this alone.  That is why I am enlisting the help of other bloggers to join me in our new path.  This path will lead us down the road of immediate thinking.

Immediate thinking?  Yuppers.  I am sure that I am not the only person who has noticed that people tend to want to be lead rather then lead.  This fact seems to hold true with conversation and thought.  My hope with Parler de Toilette is to strike more conversations spontaneously through the use of cell phone blogging about whatever you want, no matter where you are.

Think about it.  Let us imagine Hitler were alive now and being the total douche bag that we all know him as.  What if one little blog about how terrible this guy is in Germany sparked a whole new way of thinking and looking at the situation?  Maybe, just maybe, that would be enough. OK, so I know that is a WAY over exaggerated scenario, but the basic theory is still sound.  One little thought in someone’s mind could spark a larger conversation and possibly open one or two peoples’ minds to a side they never thought about.

Don’t get me wrong.  Not all blogs featured on Parler de Toilette will be sheer, life-changing brilliance (and many of mine will be coming from the toilet), but my hope is that most will be entertaining enough to at least give you a chuckle or a thought to chew on while going about your day.  And please, feel free to comment whatever your little heart desires, because one thing I value over almost anything else is free speech.  Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and I welcome and would love to hear them all.

As for the title, Parler de Toilette, I figured it sounded a little classier than Toilet Talk. This sounded like a good idea to me, so now it’s time to share our immediate thinking with you.


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